LAS VEGAS (KSNV) — A benefit concert in support of Ukraine was put on by the Las Vegas Sinfonietta, Sunday afternoon at the Clark County Library Theater.

This is another show of support for the people of Ukraine here in the Las Vegas community.

The benefit concert began at 3 pm.

About 340 people were in attendance for the concert.

A Sinfionetta is a small symphony orchestra. Just over 20 performers showed Sunday.

It was originally meant to be a concert for Mozart’s birthday, but it was changed last minute to bring in music from Ukrainian composer Maxim Berezovsky as well.

The Sinfonietta’s artistic director is half-Russian and half-Ukrainian.

His wife is also from Ukraine. She plays violin in the Sinfonietta.

“It’s a very difficult situation. Becausebombs are falling down as we speak. People are getting killed for no reason as we speak. And it’s a very difficult thing to comprehend and wrap your mind around. I know myself and many other Ukrainians. American Ukrainians have family there and our degree of normalcy is a little different,” said Taras Krysa, artistic director, Las Vegas Sinfonietta.

He also said he wishes he could do more.

But anyone who was there, or elsewhere, is encouraged to donate to causes helping people on the ground in Ukraine.